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Did someone say shoulder pain?

At Delta Physiotherapy we assess lots of patients with shoulder pain and one of the most common causes of this pain is a tear to the rotator cuff. So, what is the rotator cuff?
The rotator cuff comprises of 4 muscles and tendons around the shoulder joint which keep the shoulder’s ball and socket joint in position. It is needed in lifting and rotating the shoulder.
The shoulder is one of the most complex joints within our bodies and as a result, it is common for patients to injure their rotator cuff, either through trauma or as a gradual process.
An injury to your rotator cuff will cause limitation to your shoulder movement, making things like putting your coat on difficult and cause pain in your shoulder and upper arm. Patients often describe this feeling as a ‘dull ache’.
There is good news though as most injuries to the rotator cuff can be treated conservatively with physiotherapy, exercises and advice.
If you are suffering from shoulder pain, do not hesitate to contact the team to book an appointment with our expert physiotherapists.
Delta Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation in Bury