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Delta Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation in Bury


Manual therapy

Our physiotherapists are specifically trained in manual therapy and take a ‘hands-on’ approach to most sessions. 

Manual techniques that we use include:

  •  Joint and spine mobilisations – graded pressure applied to joints in the limbs and spine

  • Joint and spine manipulation – a more forceful pressure applied to facilitate normal movement; similar to chiropractic treatment but with different aims

  • Soft tissue massage/release – a more gentle approach to manual therapy focusing on muscles/ ligaments/tendons to stimulate healing


Physiotherapists have utilised electrotherapy modalities for a long time, and the techniques are clinically proven to help with the healing process. Electrotherapy we use at Delta Physiotherapy include:

  • Shockwave Therapy – the application of pressure waves through the skin, directed at the injury. Shockwave is an excellent treatment for tendon injuries, tennis/golfer’s elbow, and other soft tissue injuries

  • Ultrasound – a common modality found in most physiotherapy clinics. This is the application of ultrasonic sound waves through the skin and can help with swelling, bruising, and ligament injuries

  • Infra-red heat – the most simple of treatments, but can be one of the most effective. We use heat to reduce pain, stiffness, and tightness in soft tissues and joints prior to the application of manual therapy

Exercise rehabilitation

At the core of physiotherapy is exercise, and getting the body to move more easily and normally which is proven to aid in recovery of injuries. We adhere to the adage “Motion Is Lotion”. Our physiotherapists will guide you in the best exercises to perform whether in clinic or as part of a home exercise plan.

We have a modern, well-equipped gym area at Delta Physiotherapy which is the ideal space to perfect your exercises prescribed by your physiotherapist.

Should you require a more long term approach to exercise rehabilitation, or you want to generally get fitter, we are pleased to work in partnership with a local strength & conditioning coach. For more information about this please contact the team.


Acupuncture is the insertion of ultra-fine needles (the width of a human hair) into certain points of the body depending on the nature of the injury or pain.

The needles are normally inserted into the top layer of skin but may be inserted slightly deeper. The premise is that acupuncture helps to reduce pain and facilitate healing, and patients find it useful for neck and back pain, nerve pain, and muscular pain amongst others.

All our physiotherapists have undertaken specialist postgraduate training in acupuncture, and we follow strict hygiene protocols to ensure the treatment is administered safely and effectively.


Normally seen in a sporting environment, the application of supportive tape can help with pain, immobilisation of an injured area, and facilitate recovery. 

Your physiotherapist may use rigid taping for injuries such as finger sprains, rotator cuff problems, or knee ligament sprains. They may also use k-tape (the colourful one), which may help with muscle tears/strains.

Occupational Health

We recognise and advocate the importance of a healthy workforce, and appreciate the impact that ill health can have on a company’s ability to deliver their objectives. To that point, we offer a comprehensive occupational health service for musculoskeletal injuries. We can help reduce time off work, prevent time off work, and accelerate a return to work after injury. We provide in-depth reports on a patient’s complaint and their ability to perform their duties at initial assessment, interim, and discharge. We offer a discounted rate on multiple sessions required. Please contact our Business Manager Hannah Butt for further details.

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