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Yoga is practised worldwide by people of all ages and abilities delivering many different benefits. There are many different types of Yoga and it is important that you find the right one for you; this may involve taking the time experiencing different classes and courses.

Our Sessions

Here at Delta Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation we offer Hatha Yoga classes which focus on different poses (asanas) for strength, and flexibility with a focus on breathing. The gentle nature of these classes makes them perfect for all ages and abilities.

The classes are a duration of 1 hr 15 mins which allows for a longer period of relaxation at the end of the class. If you are unable to attend a class then you are more than welcome to give your place to a friend. The small class sizes maximises personal tuition to guide each participant with a high level of support whilst maintaining the social aspect of group work.


There are many benefits of Yoga which include:

  • increases flexibility

  • increases strength

  • improves posture

Yoga is recommended for older adults to help improve balance and co-ordination. This is achieved by strengthening your lower body, which improves balance and thereby reduces your chances of falling. Many older students report they wish they had started younger.

Once you start Yoga it will soon become an important part of your life with each class leaving you feeling taller, looser and more relaxed.

Further information on Yoga can be found here.

Our Classes

Yoga Classes

Friday 's - 5:00pm -6:00pm

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Class re-starting Tuesday 7th September

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