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Delta Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation in Bury

The Golf Clinic

We know how frustrating it can be when injury affects your ability to play and enjoy your game of golf. Thankfully, we have years of experience in treating both professionals and amateurs; ensuring that we can get you back to top form as soon as possible.


Our lead physiotherapist has achieved certification on the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) programme, a world-leading organisation that specialises in the world of golf fitness and rehabilitation. TPI experts work with most of the US Tour & Ryder Cup players, as well as other professionals around the world. Our lead physiotherapist is one of a small number of certified TPI medical professionals in the North Manchester/South Lancashire region.

Our Sessions

As with a physiotherapy appointment, we take a detailed history of the patient and the problem. We then employ a unique 16 stage movement screen to determine what, if any, physical characteristics may be impacting your style of play. The outcome of this assessment allows us to then prescribe a specific exercise programme to address these issues, along with treatment for any co-existing injury.

Our Experience

Due to our extensive experience in the world of golf, we have excellent links with some of the leading golf professionals in the region, who are more than willing to help in your pursuit of the perfect 18 holes!

One of our associates is Chris Fletcher, Senior PGA Teaching Professional, based at Bowlee Park Golf Driving Range. Chris is a vastly experienced coach and a great advocate of incorporating our approach into golf training. Check him out at Improve My Golf.

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