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Delta Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation in Bury

‘The Delta Way’

Gone are the days where every patient through the door of a physio clinic is treated with manual therapy, electrotherapy, and given a sheet of exercises that they’re likely to leave on the kitchen table. Sure, some injuries respond best to a combination of treatments including manual therapy and soft tissue work, but more and more research is being published pointing to exercise-based therapy as being the most effective treatment for a variety of complaints.

So what’s best? Well at Delta we have the best of both worlds. For injuries that require a more ‘hands-on’ approach we have highly experienced physiotherapists well versed in manual therapy. For patients whose complaints need a more active approach to treatment we have a fully equipped dedicated rehabilitation area where our physiotherapists and our strength & conditioning coach can plan, implement and supervised your journey back to full health.

We like to call this our ‘continuum of care’ – your complaint being initially addressed by the therapists, with further input from the other specialists in Team Delta, giving complete care for you, our patients.

Our way is the Delta Way.

And until next time….